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Clean and safe water

Clean Water is a cornerstone for all developments of rural areas in developing countries, a crucial basic need, which directly influences on such other basics needs as Food, Health, Sanitation & Hygiene, Pumping and Irrigation and notably Clean Water decreases water-based diseases. Read more…

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Education at all levels

One major change motor is an African woman: according to studies and real-life experiences, helping women is one of the best ways to support whole families and reduce poverty at grass-roots: ‘Educated mothers, healthy children’. Therefore, the role of educated women is crucial in achieving healthy village communities. Read more…


Sustainable Electrification

Equal accesses to sustainable energy are Human Rights, which vitally contribute to human wellbeing. Sustainable electrification liberates humans from fetching fresh water and from water-based deceases as well as from sitting in the darkness. With sustainable electricity in place, children and women can go to school or work. Read more…

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Safe and Healthy Lighting

George Pindua: ‘If you want to have a very good performance, students need an extra time to review what they have studied at school, and it is possible to improve the performance of the students with Lighting’. Lighting reduces the serious indoor air problems due to kerosene lamps and makes it possible to work in the evening. Read more…

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Reducing Poverty and Hunger

LFO aims to reduce hunger and poverty, undernourishment, indoor air pollution, and using unsafe water. In Tanzanian rural areas, people are fetching clean water far away and this clean water is expensive compared to their income. Famine and malnutrition are consequences of poor yields, because agriculture is dependent on rainy seasons. Read more…

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