The photo below shows how people in Tanzanian rural areas comes to fetch clean water paying for 400 Tanzanian shillings per 20 liters. Clean Water is a crucial basic need and influences directly on such other basics needs as Food, Health, Sanitation & Hygiene, Pumping and Irrigation. Furthermore, Clean Water associate with Education, Cooking, Security, Jobs, Agricultural Productivity, and Micro to medium-sized businesses. Clean Water is needed for decreasing water-based diseases.

Famine has reached Tanzanian rural areas and our Love for Others (LFO) has helped poor people to get flour and other foodstuff as shown in Photo. For agricultural productivity Clean Water and irrigation is crucial. “Drip Irrigation to Food Markets” broadens the service, Clean Water, and enables a prolific agriculture with versatile crops and increases yields. Furthermore, this service generates micro- to medium-sized businesses, and village-farmers can sell diverse products to local markets or exports. ”Drip Irrigation to Food Markets”, decreases high food prices, which cause malnutrition and food crises especially to those who are food net importers spending 70-80% of their daily income on food, at the same time, increased prices provide better income for those farmers who can sell their products to food markets. As a result, agricultural productivity provides better livelihood.

We have conducted the TAMAA Case study, which provides you more about basic needs, community empowerment and development, Available:

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