Solar Lamps for Orphans

9th November 2017

LFO members visited Kwaba village and found many orphans who live with their grandparents and who do not have lighting and lamps, which hinder them to do their homework and study in the evenings. LFO decided to support these school children and gave them solar lamps. These photos show you these children having now lamps and opportunities to do their homework in the evenings, when you do not have daylight.

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Sponsor Education for a girl

25th October 2017

Jacqueline is a 20-years-old girl, whose parents died, when she was studying in her first term at University. So, she was not able to continue her studies, because she was now an orphan and had no money to education. As an orphan girl, she was very vulnerable and in bad trouble. Luckily, she went to see Pastor George Pindua and told her story to him. Her dream is going back to school if she can get financial support. We at LFO will help her.

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Hunger and Poverty

George Pindua wrote, 25th May 2017: Love for Others Limited Company started the implementation project for the communities affected with drought and hunger in Mboga, Msoga, and Lugoba villages. LFO Ltd is Nonprofit Company, her office situated in Morogoro Municipality is intended to reduce poverty among the communities. Even though still the mission, LFO is focusing on support small scale farmers in rural area. Since the human beings are facing challenges in these areas, LFO through her directors donated some funds to support people affected with hunger in Lugoba, Msoga and Mboga villages.

Here some stories about the beneficiaries.


Mr and Mrs Seleman Mghumba received bag of flour, both of them are blind people. Unfortunately they are now homeless, because their house was destroyed by the flood two day before receiving the donation.

IMG_5934.JPGThe women in Lulenge Village received bags of flour during the project implementation.

Difficulties Encountered.
We encountered significant problems and difficulties: 1) because number of families has increased and led to lack of food for some families, and 2) this is due to limited resources we have during the implementation. On the other hand, 3) LFO discovered that some sufferers cannot even read and write and hence a thumb ink print was used as a signature. We also discovered 4) people who are blind in those villages, because they have inadequate health services. Last but not least, we found that 5) the house of the blind couple was destroyed by the flood due to heavy rains just two days before receiving their donation. They are now homeless and they need emergency support to rebuild their house, see the photo above, Mr and Mrs Seleman Mghumba.

The implementation of this program was very successful, because it has answered the challenges the hunger people are facing in our communities. However, LFO and government should replan how to support rural people and especially old and disabled people. Despite the support we gave, still our people need more support, because their maize plants are at early stage and it will take some months, before they can harvest their crop. If stakeholders will not take an action to support them, it is obvious that deaths are unavoidable.

The Services – Clean Water, Drip Irrigation to Food Markets and Sustainable Electrification – can leverage villagers with capabilities to reduce hunger, malnutrition and diseases, even to avoid deaths. You can see more about these services in Services

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Love for Others Ltd (LFO)

Love for Others Ltd (LFO) was established in November 2016 and the certification of incorporation got in the 8th of November in Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania. George Pindua created our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):

Our purpose in MoU:
1. The name of the Company is LOVE FOR OTHERS LIMITED.
2. The registered offices of the Company will be situated in the mainland Tanzania.  3. The objects for which the Company is established are;
a) To provide various socio-economic services to the disadvantaged groups of people and poor communities.
b) To provide vocation education to the youths and community in general. c) To provide access to clean and safe water to poor communities.
d) To provide assistance to the orphans and disabled
e) To promote a sense of fraternity and brotherhood in the communities
f) To promote peaceful dialogue and understanding among the people of various faith in the communities
g) To help the communities to identify the economic resources which are key to poverty alleviation
h) To advocacy for the right of voice of voiceless people in the community
i) To help the communities to utilize their economic resources and reduce poverty
j) To conduct consultancy, research, analysis and reviews on poverty alleviation.
k) To influence the policy, law reform and change in combating general poverty.
l) To raise fund for purpose of the company on such terms as are compatible with the
autonomy of the company and within the spirit of its mission and vision.
m) To organise and conduct seminars, congresses, conferences, conventions, workshops, festivals, meetings, exchange visits and study tours aimed at
promoting the better attainment of the aims and objects of the Company.
n) To liase, collaborate, affiliate and work with governmental departments and other stakeholders being local or international, individuals and corporations in the
interest of furthering the welfare of the community in general.
o) To mobilize resources and establish programmes related to the above aims and
p) To do all such other things as are necessary, or seen incidental, or conductive to the
attainment of the above aims and objects individually or collectively.

IT IS HEREBY PROVIDED THAT the Company in the execution of its objects or in its structural organisation or in all its activities shall always be, in all its senses and meanings, non- discriminatory, non-religious, non-governmental, non-political formed for the purposes and objects hereinabove destined.
IT IS HEREBY FURTHER PROVIDED THAT the incomes and properties of the Company whenever and howsoever realised shall be solely applied toward the execution and promotion of the objects herein above specified and no portion thereof shall be applied into the payment of dividends, bonus, reward, premium, honorarium nor gratuity to the members of the Company nor its directors save for reason of proper remuneration in the form of salaries or allowances, out of pocket expenses, or for services rendered by any member or director or staff of/or employed by the Company.

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