More about our mission and vision


Our mission is to provide with partners services for empowering Morogoro community and its members. We address poverty and hunger alleviation and help villagers and city dwellers to utilise their economics and create their capabilities in creating flourishing co-learning communities by empowered by such new sustainable services as Clean Water, Drip Irrigation to Food Markets, Education at all levels, Sustainable Electrification and Safe and Healthy Lighting.

As George Pindua points out: People do farming activities, but the outputs are very poor, because they are dependent on rainy seasons and almost nothing will be produced. Thus, LFO wants to change the life of people through ensuring that they have enough water through out a year so that they are able to produce whatever they want. Secondly, we want to provide market for their crops. This will help them to reduce poverty to the sampling area.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create with villagers, city dwellers and partners flourishing learning communities, where citizens have opportunities to achieve their full potential, self-actualization, they can search for meaning that makes their lives worthwile, they can even empower others. And all this in harmony with our ecosystems. We have a vision that this kind community is based on sustainable solar power, for community wellbeing, clean water, drip irrigation, gardening and food, LED lighting and education at all levels.

Download our brochure: LFO brochure

Photo: Women in Morogoro, a city in TanzaniaIMG_0437

Community Picture, Photos: Irja Aro-Heinilä,  WFP/Edward Parsons Africa Renewal, Göran Stenlund SLEF, David Stenlund. SLEF, Rut Åbacka SLEF, Rael Leedjärv-Östman SLEF,  Health FELM,