Clean Water is a cornerstone for all developments of rural areas in developing countries, a crucial basic need, which directly influences on such other basics needs as Food, Health, Sanitation & Hygiene, Pumping and Irrigation. Furthermore, Clean Water associate with Education, Cooking, Security, Jobs, Agricultural Productivity, and Micro to medium-sized businesses. Water-based diseases, which are caused by getting water from such unimproved sources as rivers, decrease, because this Clean Water service can be applied for drinking, food, cooking, animal care, gardening, and agricultural practices. Clean Water is an enormous relief for women and children, who spend hours per day for fetching fresh water.

IMG_5979Clean Water service powered by solar energy is applied in Kenya and is stable and working in Nyagowa and Atemo (SLEF, The Swedish Lutheran Evangelical Association in Finland, The benefits reported by SLEF are

  • Children can go to school instead of fetching fresh water
  • Women can do other things than fetching water
  • People are healthy and not suffering such serious tropical diseases as typhoid and cholera. 80% of diseases are caused by contaminated water in tropic areas.
  • You can use your money for more important things than for medicines, e.g., for food and education
  • You can do other things in your family than take care of sick persons, who are sick due to contaminated water, neither can these sick persons go to work or school.


Photo: Göran Stenlunds, SLEF

We have conducted the TAMAA Case study, which provides you more about solar powered system for Clean Water and other basic needs and community development, Available: TAMAA Case