Morogoro is a city in Tanzania, Morogoro, and a diosece in Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, ELCT. Morogoro Region has a population of over 2 millions, Morogoro Region. Love for others (LFO) is a non profit making organization that was established for the purpose of supporting communities to get out of the poverty snare through establishing sustainable livelihood strategies that will enable generation of income and ensure food security for household members. Even though, LFO has no relationship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, ELCT can be an stakeholder who can work with us, if there is a need to do so.

Cover photo: ©Shutterstock/lidialongobardi77

With the desire to contribute towards poverty reduction to smallholder farmers in three districts of Morogoro and coast regions through improving agricultural productivity, especially of horticultural crops (vegetables- tomatoes, onions, green peppers etc), LFO intends to support households of smallholder farmers with low income to increase farm productivity and improve their access to profitable markets of such produced horticultural crops, see the services Clean and Safe Water, Drip Irrigation to Food Markets and Reducing Poverty and Hunger.

Tanzania and Finland have a close relationship and we provide here some mutual friendships in next photos, where people are working for Kimbilo project, a safe haven for Tanzanian women. Ritva and George Pindua have worked for this as private persons, even though Kimbilo is not a part of LFO. There is an offical oppening for this Kimbilo Jamaa, more about Kimbilo.IMG_0439

Photos: Irja Aro-Heinilä

We as Lover for Others (LFO) have started implementing our project: IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECT TO COMMUNITIES AFFECTED WITH DROUGHT AND HUNGER PROBLEM IN MBOGA, MSOGA, LUGOBA VILLAGES. Here some photos about this project.